Baby Blue

Skyward Roadster | One last image from the car show. An octogenarian dressed in a kilt with a pale blue Triumph TR3. A little gem.

3 Comments to “Baby Blue”

  1. That is gorgeous.. tho’ I’m not too sure about men in frocks.? Hmmmm..
    A story..
    My optician is on an edge of town industrial estate, and he is a grand fellow, of whom we are both fond. I attended one day with madam, who was to be the victim. So I’m outside with a coffee and a very elderly man arrives with his wife, in an MGA, late 1950’s in a powder blue, very similar in shade to the one on here.
    Naturally, I saunter over, and we get chatting.. the car was tidy, not restored, wires, everything. AND, he had bought it brand new when he had qualified as an architect, back in the day.!
    Beat them apples, bro.
    Frankly, I was in awe.. better yet, he was charming in that older man/languid way. A delight to meet.
    And never since.
    Happy days.
    Oh yes.. btw.. madam [Amanda..] and I were cruising the car shops at that very same trading Est’ last week and we alighted on the Mini shop.
    Hmmmm, I wonder.?
    And there on the forecourt is a Cooper S, in Caribbean Blue/ white roof and bonnet stripes/ white minilite type alloys.. 10k miles, 3yo, FSH. All as new.
    So, she bought it after a very excitable test drive [she WAS bursting.!] and we collect it on Saturday am.. the first nice car she has ever had, she works damned hard and deserves that and more.
    So, Skelton village show on Saturday, the place to be. In a Cooper S.

    • When you get the Mini go for a spin around the Lakes… I love driving mine, especially in windy roads when you need to go up and down the gears- proper driving!

    • On old gentlemen.. years ago when I was working on a project in Florida I was having breakfast before some site meetings and struck up a conversation with an older South African. Gentle natured, unassuming and, at it turns out a WW2 Spitfire pilot… all he could recall was poor quarters where he stayed in Cambridgeshire and the cold damp weather. Needless to say he found Florida perfect…

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