Box | the new panniers which were part of a special deal from Triumph are arriving soon. Just waiting for the mounting rails. Then we’ll be rolling like a mule!

2 Comments to “Tote”

  1. They look fabulous.. are they alloy/[other metal ]construction.. or modern sexy resins etc.?
    They do look wonderful, very modern.. I would have them in the house as ornaments.. get a couple of cotton embroidered “doilly’s” and away we go. ! Bingo..
    Weather here.. blistering hot/ epic thunder and lightning/ unbearable bedtimes. I had the windows open all night and woke up at 5 ish, drenched in sweat, avec soggy tee shirt. Yeugh.!
    Hot [90~100f], humid, horrid..
    However, madam has a WE off so we’ll try and do something cool/cooler/cool-ish. Here’s hoping.. perhaps a day at Cockermouth and across to Keswick.
    Enjoy your WE.. I do hope your health is going well.
    Regards both
    B xx

    • Aluminum cases. Same as the black ones I had on the other bike. A few stickers will of course be affixed. Hot here but we have air conditioning to cool off. Overnight heat is the worst. Get a bowl of ice with a fan blowing over it. Keswick sounds nice. Hope it’s not too busy. We’re off on a road trip around Wisconsin next week. Holiday #1 this year!
      Keep cool as a cucumber

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