Marion Morrison

The Duke | A different kind of horse for John Wayne. Comic book adventures chasing hoodlums around a mountainside hairpin bend.

2 Comments to “Marion Morrison”

  1. Hey GB. Interesting mix of imagery isn’t it? Wonder who the graphic artist was? State Police and The Duke presupposes the action is happing Stateside, as does the LH drive police car and the troopers hats. However the car’s shape and grille badge is unmistakeably a 1966 Peugeot 404. The moto is more difficult to pick but if it’s a RH throttle The Duke’s not going to catch that truck anytime soon while he has his pistol in his right hand firing at it. The footboards and skirt type mudguards look USA, e.g. Indian or HD, but if so the LH side exhaust isn’t right…. Nice artwork however.. Cheers, Les

    • I wonder if the artwork was mirrored for composition- not worrying about details for the general public… I’m sure comic book artists didn’t worry too much about details back then when they were churning out product at a furious pace back then.

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