Air Conditioning

Vintage Spin | the heated Dog Days aren’t my favorite but a little roadward breeze can help cool proceedings. I took the old Bonnie out to ruffle its feathers. She can certainly put a smile on your face.

5 Comments to “Air Conditioning”

  1. The “Old” Bonnie looks well. Good for you for keeping it and maintaining it properly.. nice to have a classic at home.
    Now then, do tell.. what make/Brand is the “open Face” in the dreadful picture.
    Obviously I recognise the “Gurning” facial.. I am simply curious about the helmet.. I thought you used a Davida open-face.?
    Am I/was I wrong.?
    Trust both are well.
    Love and regards

    • She was riding ok despite the heat 85* F. Gets a little lumpy after a while. I should fit a discrete oil cooler. The open face is an AFX low cost ( but still DOT certified-which is the US requirement) it’s for wee spins on hot days- wearing mesh armored jacket- big doc martins and denim jeans too. Got the new pannier mounts affixed to the Tiger- the boxes look splendid and purposeful.

  2. Do you need any new Solway stickers, do advise.. I could bring them to our bookshop luncheon, should you wish.
    Enjoy your day.
    Bill xx

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