If it makes you happy

Like Steve McQueen | Singer songwriter Sheryl Crow sporting a cool tee which she is proud to wear.

4 Comments to “If it makes you happy”

  1. G’day..
    If I may make a comment on your latest production values..
    The type-face on your posts is now so TINY that I find I have to go to your comments section to read it at a proper scale.. one for normal humans.. me.!
    As I sit here typing this message, the type-face is almost the same.. hopeless. I am actually squinting, and going up close, just to read this.!? The truth.. not joking.
    It wasn’t always like this. Before the latest variant, so quite recently, the type-face for your posts was HUMAN sized, just like your reply section, here, but not where I/We type.
    So then, dear friend, can you tinker with its of it to get a better outcome.? I would be grateful.. and there surely must be other oldies hanging around here.?
    Thank you.
    B xx

  2. That was supposed to read…”can you tinker with bits of it.. etc.
    The print-size in my post above is fine.. just grand. But sitting here writing this addition is berluddy desperate.!
    Help.. purlease..

  3. How very kind.. good of you.

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