Roads! Be afraid!

Big Blue Bike | midweek muscle found with this burly Triumph Thunderbird Twin. It’s like a rolling version of the sign from yesterday’s post.

2 Comments to “Roads! Be afraid!”

  1. Gawd help us all.!
    It LOOKS like Harley, its’ styled just like a HD Fatso-thingy.. Really is this the best that Old Albion can do to slay the ghastly beast.?
    Build a Triumph Fatso-thingy.. thank God for the sporting bikes.
    Hey ho.
    You came over the wrong week.. weather here for the past week or so.. lurvely. Autumnal, and certainly getting that bit cooler.. the heating is on of an evening, but still, daytime warm. And blue skies. What more could a body want.?
    Enjoy your day.
    B xx

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