Feline Fur

Cay-eyes | The ‘M’ fur pattern emblazoned across the forehead of a tabby cat to me looks like an extra pair of eyes. So when they have their head down whilst eating or drinking they look like they’re staring ahead. As motorcyclists we don’t have the luxury of camouflage peepers, we need to use our real Mince Pies to keep an eye on the road ahead. Concentrated vision is key.

2 Comments to “Feline Fur”

  1. Erm.. would this be the Killer Moggy what nearly done for you, by any chance.? If it is, I am amazed it is still around.? Or like many “loving” cats, has it moved into better lodgings some streets away.? Hmmmm..
    Just to say.. wet here again. Just for a change.
    Hope both are well
    WF xx

    • This is Lottie. The other feline helian. 3 year old terror. She wakes me up at 4am every day by nibbling on my hair. Zora of the cat bite is older, calmer, and looks on with ‘I don’t do silly kitteh stuff like that’.

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