Take Flight

Percy Tait (1929-2019) – when it comes to the history of Triumph motorcycles one man is noted in the very foundation of that company. Beginning his career with Triumph as a 21-year-old factory worker he quickly rising in the ranks and started racing for the works team on the latest machines. It is reckoned he amassed over 1,000,000 miles test riding cutting edge motorcycles under the engineering eye of Doug Hele. As well as Grand Prix races he took part successfully in Isle of Man TT competitions. 750cc triple Slippery Sam is one bike that is forever connected with Percy. In his later career he went on to develop the 500cc Suzuki GP bikes for Barry sheen. In retirement he became a champion sheepsheet breeder. A giant of the history of British motorcycling, Percy Tait sadly passed away last weekend. at the age of 90.

One Comment to “Take Flight”

  1. In the later 1960’s ~ early 70’s, I knew members of the Triumph team, particularly Ray Pickrell and Percy Tait.. two wonderful characters who sparked off each other.. Ray always funny, Percy more dry, great one-liners. Both lovely fun.
    Ray died some years ago, and dear Percy now, at this great age. I often think of them both and their crew, all grand chaps.
    Percy’s EPIC GP result on a fettled Triumph Daytona fill me, my pals, the Queen and the country into pure joy. In my life-time, it was a truly EPIC performance, few others than Percy, if any at all, could have managed it.
    Lovely times, wonderful people, happy days.. for me, the best.
    Trust you are well.
    B x

    Let’s see if we can attach this for your interest.


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