Space Bike

2000AD | Forty years ago I got this annual for Christmas. Classic sci-fi comic that began in the seventies, which is still going strong. Technical cover by art droid Kevin O’Neill who later went on to create Nemesis the Warlock. We’re visiting my folks in Blighty where this book was stacked upon a shelf.

5 Comments to “Space Bike”

  1. Do I read that correctly.?
    You are visiting your family in the UK.?
    Have you had a US lottery win.. twice in 2 months is almost a record.!?
    If you really are over here.. fabulous. Have a great time.
    If you are at home.. fabulous. Keep on keeping on.
    Groovy man.
    Love to both.
    B xx

  2. Wow.. speechless.! And that is a record.
    Enjoy your trip.
    B x

  3. Hey GB. Nice, I’d keep that Annual, it’s already a collectable and worth more than your folks paid and then some. I have a collection which started when I found my Dad’s 1931 Annual (with motorbikes on the cover of course 🙂 which he got when he was 13. I got fascinated by the cover artwork and began to look for them injunk and opportunity shops. I’ve about 30 now, mostly 1920s to 1950s which I prefer for the quality of the illustration (the stories are mostly hilarious and full of British derring do) however the odd article on Brooklands or reviewing the latest flash cars do make wonderful reading. Cheers, Les

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