Get me a hot whiskey toddy!

Poorly | There May be some intermittent postings over the next few days. Back from our travels but full of a bad cold and hacking cough. Normal service will resume in due course…

2 Comments to “Get me a hot whiskey toddy!”

  1. Oooh heck!
    If it helps at all, in any way as a consolation, we here have got it as well. Many of us.
    Amanda works in a care home. So 2 weeks ago, management had organised a meeting which all staff had to attend, only those on shift were excused, as being on duty. All well and good, except that.. in that one day 25+ of the staff attending [out of 40 total..] went down with those very symptoms plus there were decorators and carpet fitters working in the home, and.. well I don’t need to spell it out.
    Thankfully, as an OAP [ and with a serious condition ~ Diabetes], I get the annual Flu jab, so it has all passed me by.. again. Ahem..
    So then, stay HAPPED UP, lots of hearty soups and time napping at the fireside I suggest. Aren’t settee’s groovy.? And [modern] fleece blankets, Bliss.
    BEST regards to both.
    Bill xx
    As I write this the radio is on in the kitchen with me. Since December 1st, the service on Classic FM has converted each programme to include numerous Xmas carols.. We have just had my favourite.. “It came upon the midnight clear”.. simply glorious..
    Get well soon.

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