Go Like Hell

Le Mans | Went to the flicks to see Ford vs Ferrari. Staring Matt Damon as Carroll Shelby and Christian Bale as Ken Miles. It tells the story behind the creation of the GT40 and its development and subsequent domination of the 24 hour race in the latter half of the sixties. Two Thumbs Up.

One Comment to “Go Like Hell”

  1. I’m looking forward to this, but will wait for the DVD to come out. I’ve stopped going to the flics, which is a shame, but I am afraid of a fall in the gloom of the cinema.. my sense of balance these days is not so good, sadly.
    However, years ago, early 1970’s, I had a ride around Croft circuit, two quick laps with a very fast man, during the lunch break on a practice day. The Solway club Sec. and I had gone over to recruit any quality for our bike meeting[s], and the Sec [who also rallied a Cooper S in period] knew the GT40 owner and.. go for it.
    Sadly, altho’ I REALLY TRIED, I could NOT wriggle into the driving seat. Way too tall and that berluddy gear lever really was in the way.! I was only going to try the seat, just to say I had sat in one ~ perhaps that was why I got the 2 laps as a consolation, whatever.. it was a kind thing to do and I have never forgotten it.
    Happy days.
    Parcel on the way.
    Love to both
    B xx

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