Keep Left signs

“What are they in it for, these old hoodlums, these layabouts in lace?”

Just one of countless laughs from Python Terry Jones who passed away today. Along with Chapman, Cleese, Gilliam, Idle and Palin; the absurdist British humor was infectious.

Pension day’s the worst – they go mad. As soon as they get their hands on their money they blow it all on milk, bread, tea, tin of meat for the cat.

2 Comments to “Keep Left signs”

  1. I never got it. Not at all and never saw the movies either.? Just too “Uni” fun-in-sun for me and I really didn’t get it.
    Always sad tho.. here on the UK News, they rolled out dear M.Palin for his bit. I had not seen him on tv for some while and was surprised/shocked [mildly] at how he had aged. All the while forgetting how I too have aged..! Ahem..
    No package from the postman yet.?
    I wonder if the Border-force persons have chucked it in the “suspicious, we’ll look at it later”, the pile in the corner and forgot it.?
    Not pleased.. it was sent, now just more than a month ago. Ridiculous.
    Normally stuff I have sent to Mule gets there in days.. ever thought about urban design in a warm[er] climate.? And get a “hot” Bonnie Scrambler from our friend Mr Pollock.. ahem
    W xx

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