Lust for Life

He’s Spartacus! One of the legends from the golden age of movies, Kirk Douglas, died today at the grand age of 103. His memorable roles were always played with gusto and energy. My favorite film of his growing up was The Vikings.

2 Comments to “Lust for Life”

  1. Sad eh.. when they slip past us who remain, just out of view.
    A fine actor who could and did, hold his own with any of his contemporaries.
    Since I was a child I have loved [LOVED] his film.. “The Big Sky”. If you don’t know it, give it a whirl, a western, but Mountain men,trading with the Indians.. a good western with a really good caste. Try You-tube.. it works for me.
    Enjoy your day.

  2. Hi Guys. Yes Lust for Life was also a cracker portrayal by Kirk of one of my personal heroes, – Vincent Van Gogh. I also recall the Vikings Geordie, must have been a similar age when I saw him in that. Along with Ben Hur that film stirred my interests in history.

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