‘Er indoors

– first official day of stay-in-home. Sorting out the interior spaces and corners of the house so we don’t get cabin fever. The bikes of course have their own home, but it would be nice to allow one to stay with us. But I’m afraid that won’t be met with a favorable outcome here.

4 Comments to “Home”

  1. Here, we are now in the second week of “stay at home”.!
    And given that I am of a certain age.. I have to stay at home for a further 12 weeks beyond that.!
    B#gger eh.!
    I think it is a Chinese plot to take over.. Fu Man Chu etc.
    Happy days.
    Still no parcel.?
    Hey ho.
    Regards both
    B xx

  2. Yeah Bill, that sucks. I’m working from home & luckily I’m in food retail which is going gangbusters, so have picked up a COVID-19 response urgent project to assist replenishment of our Stores which are being stripped daily of certain products (NOT fresh produce oddly :-\ go figure). Otherwise I think as a Contract IT Project Manager I’d be out of a job by now. Two daughters here have permanent jobs but their respective employers have both closed, so they’re a bit concerned. Our eldest girl’s in Edinburgh. Had a job in the Fringe but it’s gone as the Festival in June has been Cancelled for this year. Strange days. Luv this image however Geordie…! Doubt Andrea would let me put Arthur in the Living Room like this either…… 😦

    • Les, we’re going to find it’s all the ‘little’ folk who go about their day to day occupations are what’s going to pull us through this. Keep up the valuable work on supply distribution

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