Fresh Air and Quiet Roads

Ravine Run

– short video of a ride through one of the north shores winding dells.

3 Comments to “Fresh Air and Quiet Roads”

  1. Well,
    That was nice, scenic, but I thought, rather too short.. really there was no space to fit in pertinent adverts.?
    B#gger eh.!
    Here, I am on 16 week lock-down/lock-in.. something.? But stir-crazy would surely fit the bill.!
    As things stand I am not ALLOWED OUT for that length of time
    Do I really need this at my time of life. We both tried online shopping this pm as I really can’t go out for groceries etc..
    Not one of the supermarket sites would accept us.!?
    What a going-on. Happy days eh..
    Stay WELL, be HAPPY, and LOOK AFTER one-another.
    H & S
    B xx

  2. Ahem,
    The supermarkets would not accept us because [a] they ARE overwhelmed at this time and [b] we had not previously registered with them.

    • My folks are in the same boat. Can’t get delivery before May. On another front my mother broke her hip on Sunday. Emergency replacement surgery on Monday and she’s back home now. It was hard for her- no visitors were allowed. You two keep safe!

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