Sleazy Rider

Mad Mad Mad Mad World

– The penmanship of Mort Drucker who died yesterday aged 91 filled the magazine MAD with his satirical caricatures. He covered a plethora of icons both real and fictional for five decades. Here is his turn of Easy Rider.

One Comment to “Sleazy Rider”

  1. Nice find….and great penmanship as you say…..One to store in my file of Geodie-Finds {;~)> MAD always kept it silly but fun. My eldest sister had a boyfriend in the early ’60s who subscribed to it, so I read hand-me-down MAD Mags at a very young age. He also gave me a 1892 Winchester lever action Carbine which I still have. The thing with my sister didn’t last and she took off overseas aged 20, but he had sort of been ‘adopted’ by my Mum and Dad by then, and he continued to visit for some years afterwards. Hope you’re enjoying the Spring weather for your Easter. We’re having simply glorious weather for Autumn, 22C days and 12C nights, clear blue skies, very little cloud or wind and no rain; all very un-Auckland-like for this time of year but great as it’s made Lockdown the best Easter we never had.! {;~)>

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