Blue Sky

Red Barn

Marvelous day on the road today. 250 miles on a route around the bottom of the Lake into Michigan on lanes lined with trees leafing out. Lilac fragrance wafted from farm hedges laden with bloom and rolling fields being watched over by soaring hawks. This old barn was seen in the small town of Eau Claire MI.

2 Comments to “Blue Sky”

  1. Hey GB. Very nice shot…makin’ me very jealous as it’s turned cold and wet here after a glorious run of weather during Lockdown. That’s a great barn, hanging in despite what appears to be a slight lean to the right, though that may be lens distortion due to its height and fitting it into the frame. Sounds like such a wonderful ride I just had to go to Google Maps to check out where Eau Claire is.. {;~)>

    • We’re slowly stretching our legs here as opening up gradually takes place. It’s warming up too, the thermometer hit 85 in parts. But a smashing ride. The barn may have had a lean and I did realign it in photoshop…

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