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News yesterday was that the Olympus Corporation are getting out of the camera business. With the advent of ever increasing resolution and features on smart phones standalone digital photography can’t compete. So, like the advancement from film to digital, we’re starting to see the progression away from traditional photographic equipment. I still have a fridge drawer full of Ilford HP5, Fujichrome, Kodak Ektachrome… perhaps I should pick up a trusty OM-1 for old tunes sake.

Well, as George said “All things must pass”

One Comment to “35mm”

  1. Hi GB. Yep, I had my OM-1 stolen many moons ago.Switched to a Minolta 400mm SLR and then several years ago to a CANON EOS1100D. I hear you however as we’ve just had 3 days break away up North and although I took the CANON SLR I used the Samsung S7 just as much, as its camera is pretty good (even better in the newer models I’m told). Good quote BTW. 🙂 Cheers.

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