Technical Lines


– some nice old engineering elevations and plans of a few of the cars built by Triumph in the seventies. I can envision the rows of draughting tables with sheets of vellum and tall stools.

One Comment to “Technical Lines”

  1. Hey GB. I was also a draughtsman in the ’70s….Highway Engineering for Queensland MainRoads and then Dar Al Handasah in London for Motorways in Saudi Arabia; and later Airport Taxi/Runways for BAA in London. Fell into IT in early ’80s so haven’t picked up my Rotring pens for many years, but your recollection of themand of the drafting tables with the A1 sheets of semi-transparent paper brought it all flooding back. Loved it and like yourself I believe? I still draw a little but motorcycles; a busy day job and wife, kids, dog etc all conspire (albeit very rewardingly 🙂 to leave me no headspace to get back into drawing or painting. Life’s good however and thanks for this blog entry….really enjoyable. Cheers, Les

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