Big Jack

Ah’d ratha kick a baal aboot than gan doon the pit.

From the mining town of Ashington came there Charlton brothers, Jackie and younger Bobby. Both went on to play for upper division clubs: Leeds and Manchester United respectively, and both were on the legendary World Cup winning English squad of 1966. Jack would then go on to be the manager for Ireland who made it to the quarter finals in 1990. A legendary Geordie if ever there was one. They grew up along the doors from my Granda. Jackie Charlton 1935-2020

One Comment to “Big Jack”

  1. Dave dear,
    Put your text size up a bit. As received here on the far side of the pond, it is tiny.. almost unreadable. Please help.
    Still stuck inside over here.. Gawd help us all.
    Stay well. H & S. xx

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