Knuckle Dusting

– the new reinforced hand-guards are now affixed to the Tiger. Australian made Barkbusters have a hefty aluminum strap across the knuckles. Still good wind breaking shields too.

2 Comments to “Woof!”

  1. Just a quick note to let you know that in tonite’s evening TV news, it was announced that Sir Bobby Charlton, the great English hero, has been diagnosed with Dementia, and is in care.
    We lost Jack Charlton earlier this year, and now this.. I knew Jack a little, and both of them were hero’s of mine always. What a berluddy shame.. isn’t life a b#gger.!
    Stay well, love each other.
    Hey ho.
    WF xx

    • I saw that sad news earlier Bill. Their mother Cissy lived a couple of doors from my granda in Ashington. They and Jackie Milburn were local heroes. Some consider Bobby one of the greatest footballers.

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