Another orbit another lap

Board Tracker

Even a Century ago they were whirling breakneck around a circuit in a death defying manner. Just like 2020 huh? We’ll let’s keep the attitude rubber side down for Twenty One!

2 Comments to “Another orbit another lap”

  1. Great shot, epitomises the board track racer ethos; right hand on throttle wound to the limit, left hand holding on to the bars up near the fork head as a counter to the lean, head tucked right down and going for broke….Mad bastards but admirable IMHO. Are any of the old board racing tracks still in existence? I heard once that some of the old wooden rollercoasters from the same era are still standing, and I wondered if there may be the odd board track also still extant?

    • I think coming off at speed on the boards was a recipe for serious injury or a heinous demise. I’ve heard of some of the big six day race indoor wood velodromes may still be in pieces. They were expensive to upkeep to ensure a smooth running surface.

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