Spies like Us


– we watched a six part crime drama on Amazon Prime last week. Based on a John Le Carré book of the same name The Night Manager has actor Tom Hiddleston become an undercover spy to a wealthy philanthropist arms dealer played by Hugh Laurie. One scene sees our protagonist ride a Triumph Thruxton around the rugged Atlantic coastal landscape of Devon. Good series superbly executed in the classical style of the genre.

2 Comments to “Spies like Us”

  1. G’day both.. trust you are well.
    Amanda and I both thought that this series was so good that Tom Hiddleston should have been elected as the next James Bond.. as it was widely known that the then incumbent was looking to leave.?
    For my money, Tom Hardy is just a bit too old, as he was in “Dunkirk”.. fighter pilots did not look 40+ in those days.. he did.!
    Bill xx

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