Codename Zest


– pure sixties design from Giovanni Michelotti in the shape of this compact sports car from the Triumph factory in Coventry. In red it looks like a firecracker.

2 Comments to “Codename Zest”

  1. Like you, I am very tall ~ 6′ 4″ in my case. In my case, I don’t really fit into these things. In my late teens and early twenties I used to do farm visits for milk parlour tests, with a tech officer. I was the lesser help. But the lady owner had a TR4.. a bit cramped, which was soon changed for a TR250.. hohoho.. now we’re cooking!
    Except, not for long, it seemed she didn’t really like it, had 150 bhp and was very quick.. if still cramped.?
    And so, a brand new TR6 was bought, in BRG and fabric seats ~ delish, space and comfort for moi.. I loved that car, tho’ did not realise until quite recently just how quick it really was.. 150 bhp in the period really was quite something.
    And sadly, I couldn’t afford one. Hey ho.!
    Look after one another, stay safe, be well
    Lots of love to both.
    WF xx

    • Nice story Bill. Good memories. The TR6 is one of my favorite sportsters. In BRG? Yes please! All fine here as much as can be. Warming up this week. Had Tiger out on Monday. Good to be riding again. Care canny!

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