Day of Days

June 6th 1944

– a pivotal moment of the Twentieth Century when the Free World decided to take back what had been overthrown by the Nazis. Here’s a fresh faced army courier strapped into a Horsa glider, with his Matchless ride, bound for Normandy.

2 Comments to “Day of Days”

  1. Great picture, one I have certainly never seen before. My uncle was a despatch rider having landed in France on D-day.. he was always a bit reserved after his wartime service.. he had lost almost all of his pals, on duty during the conflict. I only knew him as a very small boy, sadly he was killed in a silly accident working as a delivery driver in 1953. A very strange ending.
    We haven’t spoken for some while, I really must try harder.
    Love and regards to both.
    Bill xx

    • Bill, good to hear from you. An interesting family story there. What a Day that must have been for those lads. I cannot imagine. I’ve been busy recently with starting a new job. Learning new skills and being in a larger office. Hope you are both well as summer unfolds.

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