Water on the drivin’ side

– cruising down Chicago’s lakefront from Hollywood to the Gold Coast. This is my new commute.

5 Comments to “LSD”

  1. New commute eh.? Hmmmm..
    So what does that mean.? Change of job.? Gone self-employed [YOU should.!]
    Something else.? Do tell. I await your news.
    Hey ho,, happy days.
    H & S both.

    • Bill, I started a new job about a month ago. Principal in a larger design company in Chicago. An age to use time earned experience overseeing projects with a broader range. New challenges and new people. I see this as my last position to see me to retirement in 10-15 years or so.

  2. Like Bill I wondered if you’d changed jobs, and then thought for a moment you’d moved cities as well…! 🙂 I see Hollywood and think immediately of LA, and then Gold Coast and I immediately thought of Queensland….neither even close of course 😦 . But as Bill says, you REALLY should go self-employed. Just doing my tax return and although it irks me every year, it does reflect that I’ve bene able to earn very well since before we had kids, and virtually all that time I’ve been self-employed (did stray briefly into permanent employment when the GFC in 2008 killed the IT contracting market, but jumped out ASA I could afterwards…lasted about 3 months 🙂 Great pic BTW….Like the LSD which made me smile until I opened your post and ‘got’ the use of the acronym… Cheers, Les

    • Les, still in Chicago. LSD is Lake Shore Drive. Hollywood is the Avenue at its north end and the Gold Coast a wealthy area near down town. Listen to Aliotta Hayes Jeremiah’s classic piece about that road…

  3. Thanks GB, tres cool and like you I’m now looking for what I hope will be my last gig. Also just for your enjoyment, found this online. Cheers, Les

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