Best seat in the house


– a good place to view the world from when scooting around the lanes, roads and highways.

2 Comments to “Best seat in the house”

  1. Hmmm.. “Scottong around the lanes”
    Should this perhaps have been ~ Scooting..?
    Been on the sherry again.. perhaps. hmmmm
    I so enjoy getting your daily postings.. probably because You are my last contact from G plus days. The rest have simply gorn.?
    All very sad, I really thought I had made so many lovely friends.. but perhaps not.?
    Hey ho..
    Trust you are both well and enjoying a lovely summer.. glorious here (?) really.!
    Love and regards.

    B xx

    • Thanks for the proofreading Bill. Warm, as it typically is here, but not like the heat I hear blighty is experiencing. All fine with us. Takin’ each day as it comes! Stay cool and be well!

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