Normal Service will resume…

… as soon as possible

– apologies for the patchy posting recently experienced. Things have been a bit busy on the work and home front. Background maintenace is currently underway and we’ll get thing back on track. In the meanwhile keep takin’ ‘er easy and Don’t Panic!

2 Comments to “Normal Service will resume…”

  1. Hey Geordie…. Good to know…Did wonder (and worrya tad) what might have befallen you… Glad to know it’s just the craziness we’re all suffering through courtesy of our worlds myopia with covid and it’s variant responses to it (we’ve been in lockdown for last 13 weeks) Thought you could enjoy this new local magazine braveley kicked off last month by Al Best, a cool guy with a great eclectic style for his new baby…Issue 1 was great so I’m hanging in for Issue 2. Cheers, Les

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