Love is…

The great Al Bowlly 1932

Love is the sweetest thing What else on earth could ever bring Such happiness to ev’rything As Love’s old story.

Love is the greatest thing The oldest yet, the latest thing I only hope that fate may bring Love’s story to you.

One Comment to “Anti-Hero”

  1. Al Bowlly.. FABULOUS!
    UK’s biggest male singing star in the day.. think… erm, George Michael.. perhaps. But certainly wonderful.
    I used to listen to a BBC radio 2 program in the 1960’s which was devoted to the 1930’s dance band days, it was where I found so many interests which have stayed with me until today.. so, a long time.
    I am so pleased to find someone else who enjoys the same stuff.
    I have just been onto Youtube to pick up an Al Bowlly song for you in response, but as ever, it is not accepting my calls and caresses.
    Still, we have one another, all that’s left after Gmail folded.
    Speak soon.. Santa is coming.
    Love and regards both.

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