Sometimes you just need to give it some gas!

2 Comments to “Sometimes you just need to give it some gas!”

  1. Hello Yank and your lady wife.
    Hope you are both well and that Santa has good things for you both to enjoy.?
    Am sitting here, beside the tv, watching the Xmas eve service from Kings College at Cambridge.. the music is just delicious.
    Boy choristers and the men.. their work is divine. There have been 3 readings from scripture so far and two of them read by Americans ( students. ?)
    Should you so wish you can find the past years services on YouTube.. “Lessons and carols from Kings College, Cambridge.”
    Have a lovely Xmas and all BEST wishes to you both.
    Every blessing

    Bill and Amanda

    • Thank you for the tidings Bill! All the health and wellness to you both too. We’ve both had a busy year with myself starting a new position as Principal in a 60 staff landscape architecture company. New professional horizons. And Maren is trying to wind down work to finish altogether. She had major surgery back in November which was a pivotal role in that. But we’ve got a quiet holiday week to settle and get ready for ‘22. If we have a warmer (50’s) day next week I’m going to try and get the Tiger out! Dave & Maren

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