What was old is now new

The return of the star

– An Indian motorcycle manufacturer is rereleasing a couple of BSA models with echoes of classic bikes from the past. Both 650 singles, one is based on the Gold Star; the other more dirt oriented. I’d take either!

One Comment to “What was old is now new”

  1. Wotcher Cus..
    I was shocked/stunned/surprised when I saw this bike(s), and as a lifelong Gold Star addict.. dismayed.!
    The cycle parts are seriously tasty, very nicely done, BUT.. that engine and especially the exhaust pipe are just plain berluddy awful.!
    It isn’t the past, it can’t be the past.. why can’t these asians just do their own new stuff and move on.
    This Goldie abortion is quite possibly the ugliest bike \I have ever seen
    Love to both. Best regards..
    Bill xx

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