Number One

Jim Clark

He would have been 86 today. Sadly we lost him when he was just 32.

One Comment to “Number One”

  1. When I was a schoolboy, he was (vaguely, almost local ) and I was a solid fan, after S Moss of course.
    His death as a known superhuman, was a shattering blow to me as I knew him, just a little. Knew him as engaged him in a chat whenever he was around. He was quiet, but open.. and charming. His death was just the most awful shock and hurt terribly as I felt I knew him.. a bit.?
    In those days I was always away somewhere, to see bike or car events.
    The pits in those days were generally open to the public, not the fenced in affairs we see now.. and the world was generally.. kinder.
    Trust you are both well, and thriving.
    Love and regards.

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