Speedy Delivery

– interesting advertising on the rear of a box truck along the Interstate in the Chicago suburbs. A rabbit (or is it a hare?) riding a speedy sports bike.

2 Comments to “I-90”

  1. Black-tailed Jackrabbit. (American desert hare) From its beginning in Chicago, Route 66 headed south through Illinois and Missouri, and a small section of southeast Kansas. From there it turned in a more … “the Mother Road.” https://www.route66roadtrip.com/route-66-maps.htm
    [ https://www.route66roadtrip.com/images/photos-usa-travel/route66-road-trip-mother-road-map.jpg ]

  2. Rabbit Reward$! QDS, Chicago Courier Delivery.
    Quick Delivery Service
    Courier/Delivery service experience since 1983!
    Fast and easy on-line order entry.
    Details for all of your deliveries, including written signature, on our website.
    Real-time e-mail notification of all courier deliveries.
    Deliveries tracked real time by GPS; view the current delivery status on our website
    Uniformed courier drivers
    Reliable delivery service-your satisfaction guaranteed.

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