Holy Handgrenades

Brother Maynard’s realm

Having a ‘Hungry Man’ breakfast in Antioch. Very light touches of autumn on the foliage. Occasional bright sunlight with scudding clouds. Good Fall ride.

3 Comments to “Holy Handgrenades”

  1. Hey Geordie. Great to see you still out and about in Fall. Haven’t seen your posts in ages as became focused on my wife’s failing health. She passed away 11th Sep from the brain tumour [diagnosed in May ’21],when she was given a survival prognosis of 12-18 months. I fought that but sadly the Drs were deadly accurate & we got just 16 mths. Was also our 34th wedding anniversary last Sat 24th which compounded my loss, but our 3 daughters and I raised a glass to her of her favourite Bollinger champagne.

    • Les, heartfelt thoughts to you and your family. I hope you take comfort in all of the wonderful memories you both had together. I’ve been terribly busy with work so have been lax on GB blog. A nice ride in very early autumnal weather was a nice ‘wind through the feathers’ spin. Hopefully get a few more in this year. I’ll post a couple more photos from yesterday later today.

      • Thanks for your kind thoughts and words GB….I’m trending upwards, but very slowly and occasional breakdowns on the roadside 😦

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