Worn out, and a bit shabby


– I should find something to get my idle hands onto. A Vincent or Norton looking for a warm workshop. Recovery through Restoration. Apologies for the lack of posts, a few personal issues arose these past few weeks. Hope to get a few things shifting on the Blog soon.

5 Comments to “Worn out, and a bit shabby”

  1. Hey Geordie. Sorry to hear you’ve had some personal issues…Absolutely no need to apologise (or to explain), life sometimes whacks us all. Sadly my wife lost her battle with a GBM brain tumour 6 weeks ago & I greatly like your “Recovery Through Restoration” phrase, very fitting. I’m heartbroken after 41 years together and been very low from grief and loss, but recently woke with the thought “It’s the 1st day of the rest of my life”. That thought has energized me to get back into my life, albeit without my darling wife. On a whim I’ve bought a ’65 Mustang Coupe, and booked a trip to Egypt in March. The latter was a long held travel dream of Andrea’s & mine which we planned to realise when we retired. {;~(> My life watchwords from Andrea’s passing are now that “life is short”; we should always “dare to dream”; and “carpe diem” to make it happen. All the very best mate {;~)> Cheers, Les

    • Les,
      I hear ya! My wife was traveling to New Mexico on a visit with her sisters and took very I’ll. Kidney infection and sepsis. I’ve been down here with her for a week. Just out of a follow up surgical procedure. Life is short as it is. Your Egypt trip sounds wonderful. And The Mustang? Wonderful! There’s a book out recently by Richard E Grant (of Withnail & I) he lost his wife last year to cancer and he’s written a kind of biography grief healing publication. “A pocketful of happiness”- that’s what his wife told him to look for after her passing. “Gather ye rosebuds while ye may”. That reminds me to rewatch Dead Poets Society with the marvelous Robin Williams. Take Care mate! Dave

      • All the best to your lady Dave, and thanks for the tip re Richard E Grant’s book, I’ll task the girls with fetching me that for Christmas. My episodes of grief and loss are thankfully lessening. I gave up IT PM contracting Jul ’21 and rather than going back into a 9-5+ role, I’m looking at local part-time enjoyable opportunities as our (my) income stopped back then & burnt our savings getting Andrea the best private care. Sadly a vain hope vs Grade 4 tumor

  2. Sorry to hear of Madam’s health issues, always a worry and never quite fun..
    Just to say, we both have been on such good terms for years, and I only hope that things go well for you both.
    Chin up, love and ALL best wishes to you both. Love always.
    Bill Ferry
    Carlisle UK

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