Crimson Cruiser

Māori Moto. Here’s Les Elmer’s renovated ‘29 BSA. Coming up to its centenary in a few years and looking good for it!

4 Comments to “Arthur”

  1. Hey Geordie… Thanks very much, a really great rendition of my old BSA..! Could I please buy the original piece off you..? I would hugely enjoy adding that to my collection of images of old Arthur 🙂 My mate John Singleton (who mostly rebuilt Arthur with and for me back in 1998/1999) did a couple of sketches also now some years ago; and my mate Barry Deane (an ace motorcycle mechanic and past racer) wrote a great piece of prose about Arthur that was published in one of the magazines I contribute to. I’ll find & Facebook pm those to you for your interest. I will add a couple of latest shots of the old boy who (due to our lately wildly unpredictable Spring & Summer weather) hasn’t had asphalt under his tyres since his last WOF (MOT) back on 29th July. Thanks again for the art, you’ve got a good eye and fine penmanship, both of which I guess are hallmarks of your day job 🙂

    • Les, I’ll put together another one and send it over. No payment needed! Just a rifle in the ‘stang should I ever be in the antipodes!

      • Thanks very much Geordie, that’s def a deal… ! I can pm you my address if you don’t have it (I can’t now recall if we’ve ever exchanged those) Cheers, Les

  2. Merry Christmas BTW and lets hope 2023 is a little bit Happier New Year for us all. Cheers, Les {;~)>

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