“Angels Forever, Forever Angels”

“When we do right, nobody remembers. When we do wrong, nobody forgets.”

Gangs of the open road. One per centers wear their signature vests, oily blue jeans and mechanics boots. As well as the ubiquitous Harleys they also tore around on chopped Triumphs like the Pre-Unit shown here.

One Comment to ““Angels Forever, Forever Angels””

  1. Thanks Dave. Just had to go check where Berdoo was & found this online: Berdoo – Slang for the city of San Bernardino, mostly used by people who live in the city e.g. “…Everyone knows that berdoo always has the best weed…” A city of 180,000 people in the heart of the Inland of Southern California which thanks to pollution, a low stanadard of living and an extremely high crime rate, has become known as the Armpit of California.

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