Picking up bikes for the ISDT

1964 – E Germany bound. Steve McQueen getting the bikes they used for the International Six Day Trials behind the iron curtain. Other fella is John Steen, also an off-road racer who, along with Ed Kretz Jr., Cliff Coleman and Dave & Bud Ekins, were key players in the SoCal desert racing scene. Steens family we’re in the oil & lubricant business as well as the popular ‘Taco’ mini bike. Steve looks as cool as ever with the desert boots, white socks, Fred Perry polo shirt and Persol sunglasses. (acknowledgements to Les Elmer in NZ for finding this image)

One Comment to “Cool”

  1. My pleasure Dave….Cracker image I thought and just so much Steve as the eternal King of Cool. BTW, in a segue of sorts, if you ever want to read an excellent spare and incredibly well written modern noir novel, I recommend the “Kings of Cool” by Don Winslow. Not a recent book (circa 2012) but IMHO well worth the effort to find a copy. It’s got absolutely nothing to do with our Steve BTW. {;~)>

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