Supersonic Seat

Mach 2

Agreement in Union – Concorde. Developed from early studies in the fifties, joint collaboration between the British and French in the sixties, first flight in ‘69 and into service late 70’s. Sadly way ahead of the worlds travelling needs and retired in ‘03. The cockpit was extremely complex requiring a pilot, copilot and engineer. Maintaining a cruise speed of 1,347mph at 60,000’ takes a special machine that needs constant oversight.

One Comment to “Supersonic Seat”

  1. Hey Dave. I and my wife were lucky enough to fly in Concorde, courtesy of DHL for whom I worked in London from ’79-’85. We went as document couriers LHR-JFK, and on separate days. Fabulous experience as for my flight I also got free helicopter from JFK, to La Guardia, to Manhattan E River Pier, and finally to Newark, New Jersey where we had arranged to stay.

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