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May 13, 2023

Keg to go.

I drink beer me!

First Post May 12th 2023

Known for making some really unconventional inventions, a US man named Ky Michaelson is back with yet another invention that is a beer-powered motorcycle. In a Fox9 report, Ky spoke about his latest creation stating that the motorcycle is “definitely different, and I like to be really creative.” Notably, the motorcycle includes a 14-gallon ket that a heating coil instead of a gas-powered engine. The coil helps to heat up the beer which further powers the motorcycle to start. As stated by the innovator, the beer-powered motorcycle was created in his garage in Bloomington.

Speaking about his creation, Ky noted that the gas prices are going up in Bloomington as a result of which he thought that it was nothing better to use it for fuel. Nicknmaed as ‘Rocketman’ for being the first civilian ever to launch a rocket into space, Michaelson said that the motorcycle has the capacity to reach speeds up to 150 miles per hour (240 km per hour) and he hopes to take it out to a drag strip to test its capabilities in the coming days.

When he pours beer into the keg, the liquid heats up to 300 degrees, and when it goes out the nozzles in the back, the beer turns into superheated steam, which provides enough thrust to move the bike forward,” he said as cited by Fox9. Michaelson also said that it could be any kind of liquid including Red Bull and Caribou Coffee.