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March 25, 2016

Le Moto Vendredi

En 1964, il participe au sein du « team USA » d’enduro au championnat du monde d’enduro (épreuve durant 6 jours) sur une moto Triumph de 650 cm³ à Erfurt en Allemagne de l’Est.

Un homme de moto…

December 15, 2015


Mototsiki as they would say in St Peterburg. Scot Johnny Stuart (1940-2003) was a preeminent expert on all things pre C 20th Russian: its objects, design and associated historical particulars. However rather than tooling around on a grumpy Ural combination he tore up the London streets near Sotheby’s on Triumphs.

He also penned the tome “Rockers: Kings of the Road”. Allegedly the most shop lifted book in 90’s London… About the leather clad, cafe racing boys of the sixties.

 До свидания. 

(Da svidaniya)

November 3, 2014

Dragon is my co-pilot


A suitably sized, thorned and fire-breathing pillion makes a great companion when Norton rode, highway bound. Kids storybook of a moto girl enjoying the open road. A perfect book to teach kids it’s okay to Be Yourself;no matter what that may entail. Roald Dahl would have been proud!

November 2, 2014 there be Dragons.


Keeping in the theme of the weekend, well sort of, here’s a classic pulp fiction book cover. Using master of movie macabre Boris Karloff as promotion these fantasy thrillers jacket art is needed to fulfill the promise of the writings. Cliches aside!
But to run from a fire breathing flying behemoth wearing a haz-mat suit, shooting a laser weapon over your shoulder whilst haring away on a 200cc Triumph Cub…. Good Luck!

July 27, 2014



Back in the heyday years of mass magazine output a few publications were directed at men. These included titles such as Argosy, Stag and this one here: Saga. Writing featured wartime stories of daring-do or adventures traveling the wilder places of the globe. Basically war, wild animals, cigarettes, guns, damsels in distress, hard liquor and…. Triumph motorcycles.

March 8, 2014

Fast Ladies


After the delights of the Debenham sisters here’s what the seventies offered gals on their motos! Strap’d high heels and a long summer dress? That won’t get you far on that two-stroke Suzuki crosser.

Its a good job the role models for women riders include the likes of the talented Elena Myers a 21 year old AMA racer going head-to-head with the lads. Recently moved from powerful Suzuki superbikes to the sublime Triumph Daytona.


Ain’t no bugs on this gals smile! As they say “Girl Power!”

February 27, 2014

to look for America

” A journey is a person in itself; no two are alike. And all plans, safeguards, policing, and coercion are fruitless. We find that after years of struggle that we do not take a trip; a trip takes us.”

John Steinbeck (born 112 years ago today)

Steinbeck wrote of the ‘open road’ and the journey of life people made along its way. His muse was America and a colorful time in her history during the Depression; the roads were dusty, the workers dustier but the pulse keen. In his latter years he took to the highways and byways to see the state of the Union; with a trusty poodle companion named Charley by his side, and a pickup camper as his wheels and abide both.

Rocinante he named his conveyance, after the man from la Mancha’s steed, and a Quixotic journey was made in 1960 to see with his own eyes how the country was faring.

A cozy spot to journey from, free of fuss and possession. A mobile hermits cabin to journey unencumbered. It has the air of a motorcycle traveler who needs to be lightfooted ready to follow the unknown road ahead. I could see a younger Steinbeck taking a motorcycle combination on such a journey with pup passenger in the chair rambling along the old Routes from dusty town to dusty town on an Indian or Harley.

The venture could easily be adapted into a modern exploration of the country, keeping to smaller local routes, allowing time to absorb the immediate realm.

A bit too sedate… Though nice for an outing to the vintage rally… Parasol, flat-cap and plus-fours speed!

Here we go! Rocinante II

“Pack our bags Honey! We’re off exploring!”

January 22, 2014



Just Do it!

December 26, 2013

A day of boxes

Well, the jigsaws are made, the annuals read and the toys played with…. Yup, it’s Boxing Day. Cold Turkey leftovers and yearnings for an old James Bond movie on the telly.



Hope everyone had had a fun, family, friends, food and festive time … Now let’s get back to Fiona Volpe’s scene stealing Beeza Lightning ride in Thunderball…

October 16, 2013


A seemingly endless collection of classic Triumphs has just been revealed by US collector Robert Sullivan representing a near-perfect history of the British marque’s Meriden production.

The 98-strong fleet contains 26 variants of the TR6 Trophy, 43 different models of the T120 Bonneville; and covers models from every production year between 1936 and 1972.

Built up over the past 21 years it contains a bevy of both original and rare models, including the Tiger, Speed Twin, Trophy and Bonneville.


The collection is recorded in the book: “Ultimate Triumph Collection: One Mans Obsession” Wolfgang Publications.


I wouldn’t know where to start looking… ’57 Thunderbird, ’68 Bonnie….. Or which one to ride!

August 24, 2013

It’s a busy busy world

One of my favorite books as a young kid was Richard Scarry’s illustrated sort books. They all involved animals as people in all traditional ethnic roles. Cats, dogs, foxes, worms, rabbits, pigs and usually a large lumbering bear. So when I found this vintage photograph it reminded me of his world made real.


It seems bears have good balance. And for a reminder of his loose illustrative style. Lively, chaotic, family, work, food: Busy.


And here’s a fox on a motorcycle. Reynard seems like a better rider than Ursa…


I learned about the wide wide world in this book…


June 8, 2013

Zion Bound

The sun shone, a blue sky glowed, and the air was perfect. Mid seventies and a light cool breeze off the lake. A jaunt up north to Zion let the wheels spin underneath and the flowering trees waft along the roadside in heady bloom.


After the carb clean running was good however a hiccup began towards the far north of the trip. We swapped out for new plugs at an Autozone which livened things up, evidence of richness on the left cylinder; however towards home loss of power was evident when twisting the throttle at mid rev range. So! A little more tuning is in order! However a good ride out!

May 8, 2013

La la la la la l’america!

Today I had my citizenship (or naturalization) interview at the INS . all went well and all I need to do now is go to a swearing-in ceremony. So to commemorate I found this book cover to reflect the idea of a piece if Blighty over here in the colonies….


November 6, 2012

Scientia potentia est

Knowledge is Power! When embarking on the restoration odyssey gleaning as much information as possible  about your particular moto is one of the most pleasurable. Well before bloodied knuckles, cursing screams and emptying coffers turn ‘The Project’ into a seemingly unendurable rout, amassing the history, details, period test articles, manuals is a great way to start learning about your machine.

Advertising is a good start: how did the team in the boardroom want to sell the ‘bikes? Fun, functionality? Or just those sleek, sweet lines of a steed of speed?

Remember this was modern design of it’s day! Features that put it above and beyond of the competition (bar a Vincent Black Lightning of course…). Love those illustrations, which were for the most part direct traced renderings of photographs.

“And Lo, it came to pass…”

Better get yerself a decent shelf-full of manuals which illustrate in line and photo how to both dismantle the machine and then put ‘er back together without leaving so much as a nut or bolt out. The Haynes book is legend as a well organised tome which presents a blow-by-blow account of the major sections of a motorcycle: engine, gearbox, chassis, suspension, wheels, and electrics.

A ‘Bible’ it seems, but more of a concise survey of the model; well worth a peruse to understand a bikes development. When did the rigid frame give up for a swing arm? What years have the smart nacelle headlight shroud? What colour was applied in what year?

Of course noting is a substitute for an Owners Instruction Manual, Workshop Manual and Replacement Parts Book. These are essential for the devoted restoree…  … we hope you haven’t given up yet! Has the parts been delegated to a corner of the garage yet? Don’t lose heart, the fun hasn’t even started yet!

One of the most important things you DO need at this point in the game is an inspiration, a vision of your goal.  Good photos of your model abound on the ‘Web for this. But one better thing would be to look at a bike ‘in the flesh’; look it over, take your own photos; if you could even ride it (if the devoted owner lets you) that’ll give you a faster pulse and the energy to forge ahead…

October 28, 2012

Cafe Racer Mag

Picked up the latest copy of the excellent Caff Racer rag. Grand reading with a cup of tea! Cafe scene, road racer builds, local groups, clip-on and rearset suppliers, Triumphs, Nortons and Beezas galore…