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December 29, 2016

Moto-Cross Kid

Start ’em Young! My nephew, Ben, has just acquired his first motorbike. A little pit bike with knobbly tyres, wide bars, springy suspension, and a kick-start. All good things for fun on two-wheels. Plenty of green lanes and muddy fields in the Borders to get clarty. I can hear the engine ring and smell the two-stroke from here… 

October 20, 2016

Single Moto

Throwback Thursday- here’s an example of the wee 250 Trophy I bought when first arriving in the US back in ’98. Decent tool to scoot about the City, finding my way around, got my US drivers license on it too! About as much power as a wind-up toy; but Lake Shore Drive was mighty fun on it!

October 1, 2016


Top Trump – Top Triumph – classic schoolyard card game of seeing which specification of different collections of vehicle match against each other. Aircraft, ships, cars, military, commercial, racing. I had a set of racing motorcycles and fighter jets.

August 13, 2016

Just missing the BMW racing combination

Britains – these were my favorite toys growing up. The perfectly sized and detailed motorcycles from the century old die-cast toy manufacturer. All of my childhood bikes either broke (in my quest for how things were put together), or were lost. These are more recent EBay acquisitions.

July 21, 2016

Ralph Mouse

The Mouse that Roared! Kids love a good story of adventure and action whereby the underdog makes good. This classic tale of a rodent on his red ride is much loved by the bairns.

Children’s drawings, cartoon sketches and a movie. 

I particularly love this book cover with a delicate illustration of mouse and moto! The motorcycle looks like a Triumph Thunderbird.

July 20, 2016

“Come on! I ain’t got all day!”

Action Figure – on Monday past we saw the real Daryl Dixon stoking his Triumph chopper in search of the undead. Today is the ultra detailed ‘collector’ toy in poseable form with well defined bike components and machinery.

April 3, 2016


Manned Torpedo: The Chariot. Controlled by British Commando frogmen these weapons were devised to seek and sink Axis shipping. Riding astride a warhead steering these pigs was for men of stern stuff. Hauling a Triumph Twin along a country road would be easy compared to this!

Bath time on Sunday night growing up I would play with my Britains torpedo, sinking boats and rubber ducks.

March 27, 2016

Is that a real bicycle or a Sears bicycle?

The Rebel Yell! We had a day trip to Milwaukee today, where the Museum of Art has been reorganized with a new layout for their modern collection. I spied this cracking bicycle devised by Wisconsin industrial designer Brook Stevens. A basic trailing arm front suspension, double rear wheel caliper brakes, stick gear shifter, comfy banana seat, and a noodle of a shape to the handlebars. 

March 5, 2016

A Clockwork Fruit

Play was so much simpler in days past: you wound your toys up and watched ’em fly around the floor. No batteries, no motor; just nicely pressed metal parts and a character sitting astride.

January 26, 2016


Tonka was a big deal growing up. The pressed steel bodies could take the typical abuse from a boy in his dirt pile. I yearned for the backhoe tractor with front loader “tractor with four diggers” is what I’d call it. Well I got it and managed to break it . So my sister wrote to Tonkatoys in Minnesota (actually Mound MN on Lake Minnetonka) crying false advertising which stated an elephant could stand on their toy construction vehicles. 

So they wrote back in apology and send one of their Dump trucks in compensation. There’s customer service!

 I wonder if I could get them to send one of their Triumph Bonnevilles… 

January 13, 2016

Got Glue?

As had been mentioned before when I was growing up I loved to build model kits. Aircraft, tanks, spaceships, the odd car; but I never got around to motorcycles. Well did I miss out! I could’ve had fun with kits such as this Revell treat. A 1/8 scale Triumph Tiger.

The full page advert for their particular lines is a period piece from the mid-sixties. Even Ed Roth hot rods are featured. “Wot is… Is.. Wot. ain’t…. Ain’t!!!”

December 27, 2015

Hot Wheels

“You’re Dangerous!” The epitome of fighter jock movies Top Gun will be thirty next year. Known for cool aerial antics with Tom Cruise’s Macerick zooming the skies over Miramar CA it also showcases a superb motorcycle from Kawasaki: the GPZ900 Ninja. 

Now suitably available as a miniature Hot Wheels complete with decals used on the movies Moto…

I had one for 5 years and I loved it! 


December 20, 2015

Under the Tree

  Some form of two wheeled transport is always wished for at Christmas. If I was a young ‘un back in the early sixties I want one of these. Red Triumph Thunderbird inspired pedal motorbike. I bet many a motorcyclist started out like this! Pillion capabilities too. 
This one was sold recently on EBay for $175. 

October 10, 2015

Monkey’s Uncle 

Everyone loves a performing monkey: just dress him in a ringmasters outfit, drop a Turkish fez on its little head and off hex wheels around the stage. Stop! It’s just plain wrong and a little creepy. They’re mischievous simian mammals that should be left in the lush tropical rainforests. But these wind-up tin toys a a bit of fun.

It’s still a good name for a motorcycle club!

August 28, 2015

Barbie wrenchin’

When the motorcycle needs some spanner work done to the engine better call in Barbie and her ratchet set and Whitworth nuts. Especially when it’s an older Triumph twin head. Overalls for oily work; but she needs to tie that hair back!

Ken, on the other hand, has a bit of a liking to plastic faired remote controlled sports bikes. That baggy hooded sweatshirt seals the deal for pure street cred. The bike looks like the Toecutters beast from Mad Max…