BSA Rocket Gold Star 1963 restoration

Here’s another project from the past; the rebuild of a super classic BSA RGS; the final swan song of the pre-unit 650cc engine in the A10. The project was picked up with a Home Depot rented truck on a snowy January from a snow-bound tin shed at a trailer park in West Chicago in 2001. A couple of carboard boxes held parts and another engine. An oily jigsaw indeed!

It took three years to build, dismantle, restore parts, purchase new items and have the final bike up and running. Again, the engine was rebuilt by Ed Zender. I rebuilt the chassis in a dark basement of an apartment we had on Halsted Street. With this project I leanred to wheel and deal on Ebay to amass many parts.

I chose a cafe racer look with rear sets and clip on handlebars; it ran like a champ and had that wonderful twin rort. However no easy place to store and difficult insurance forced it to be sold to another owner.

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