British Motorcycle Marques

The nearly three quarter century domination of british motorcycle makes was populated by notable brands whose names evoked the ideal of two-wheeled transport.

Matchless (1899-1966) ~ The first year Isle of Mann TT was won by a Matchless in 1907

Ariel (1902-1970) ~ “Spirit of the Air”

Vincent (1928-1959) ~  from Latin vincere, “to conquer” – Vincent Black Lightning: ’nuff said!

Velocette (1904-1971) ~ a french sounding but british through and through manufacturer finished their models with the evocative Venom and Viper.

Norton (1898-1975) ~ the quiff off the N and the swoosh of it’s scarf like tail as well as the tilted o’s create a name of speed.

B.S.A. Birmingham Small Arms (1910-1973) ~ Rifle and Bicycle makers made some of the best bikes of the 20th Century; a winged B adds a sense of flight.


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