Tiger on the Mountains

Back in the day when Lancashire working men Don WHillans and Joe Brown, were powering up new climbing routes over North Wales, the Lake District and the Alps, Triumph brought out their sporty model: the Tiger. Appropirate advertising.

Here’s Don himself heading off to Grindenwald and an attempt on the North Face of the Eiger; Chris Bonington is pillion. Climbing helmet as a lid, mountaineering mitts for gloves; look at that hemp rope! The bike is most likely a Triumph Tiger.

2 Comments to “Tiger on the Mountains”

  1. Great photo. I love Triumph bikes, they are classic, especially the Scrambler and Bonnieville. I used to ride my friend’s Scrambler whilst in college back in the 60’s. So much fun! And Willans was certainly a classic in the climbing world. A master of the retort. Once, while flying back from a climbing trip in the Himalayas, two German climbers were seated just behind him. Willans was reading the sports section of the newspaper about a World Cup football match in which Germany defeated the UK. Knowing who Willans was and seeing the article over his shoulder one of the Germans said “Ah, I see we beat you at your national sport.” Without a pause, Willans turned in his seat and replied, “ aye, and we’ve beaten you at yours, twice.” Ha ha, too funny!

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