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June 5, 2011

I’m gonna put you in the movies….

…I’m gonna make a big star out of you…

…..All you gotta do is, act naturally!
June 5, 2011

Mid Seventies Bonneville Cafe

A clean example of a cafe’d Oil-in-Frame Bonnie, Right hand shifting, discs, so must be T140V from 75 or 76. Nice black paint scheme and grey frame. This helped my own rebuild inspiration…

 The racing hump seat , a reupholstered cover available from Vietnam of all places, affords a further speedy line to the desired appearance.

Eliminated front fender gives a bobbed look too. Clip-Ons the correct stance.
Close-up view of frame, timing side of engine and rear sets. The standard ‘boxy’ side covers actually look right with the grey frame finish and dull engine casings.

Anotehr view of the Norman Hyde rearsets, close in appearance to mine, as well as the gear change lever.

A final rearview shot of the rounded ‘rump’ and the long pipes; altogether a balanced build with clean lines and serious purpose of speed.