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June 7, 2011

Minkie the Motorbike

When I were just a wee lad… one of the early motorcycle inspirations was a Ladybird book called Tootles the Taxi; within its thin tome was a page with this picture on it with a small verse.

I’m Minkie the motorbike
Off for a run,
Gathering up speed
Can be glorious fun !
For I am a racer
And run with a zest,
To win all the races –
North, South, East and West
A zippy, smilin’, Norton Manx droning around a racetrack, rider crouched for speed, front wheel slightly loft!
An early edition had the boy, girl and dog on the track ~ removed from later versions due to safety concerns of kids wandering around Brands Hatch during races….  where are those stewards!