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February 25, 2012

And… the Oscar goes to…

Lisbeth Salander the hardened protagonist of the Stieg Larsson novel “Girl with a Dragon Tattoo” played with surgical method by Mara Rooney (nominated for an Oscar for her role this year), is given a choice vehicle to scoot about on during her escapades in the movie of the same name. A sweet little black cafe racer number. 

The cafe’d Honda is a CL 350 (thanks Gogglesdown for clarification); a scrambler style moto from the late sixites -early-seventies. It’s distinctive high pipes a desired look by the kids of the day. For the movie it was given a nice rough cafe treatment, knobbly front tire for the cobbled streets of Stockholm, and slick rear boot for a speedy rort along the country roads. Ace bars, flat black trim finish the goth appearance fit for Lisbeth.