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February 27, 2012

Here Comes the Sun

Another Geordie (not a Tynesider but a George!); this time George Harrison. Growing up in Liverpool he would go to the local races, here seen atop a Triumph at the Aintree Racetrack in 1955. So he was 12 at the time, just before he discovered the guitar and joining ‘The Quarrymen’…

This may even have been the poster for this particular race meet, Saturday April 30th being in 1955. Beautiful clean graphics with golden text in mid-century font on black background.


It seems ’55 was an important year for Aintree, it was here later that year Stirling Moss won his first Grand Prix driving the powerful Mercedes Benz W196 pipping ‘El Maestro’ Juan Manuel Fangio into 2nd. Exciting Stuff! I’ll bet George Harrison was there too!