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March 6, 2012


Fettling a bike is getting it set-up to ride ‘just right’ for speed, roadhandling, stopping and enjoyment whilst riding it. Here are a few examples of such machines that have been truly fettled.

First off: a pre-unit engined cafe trimmed for a streamline repose with nice adjustable bars, ‘way-back’ rearsets (including a handy-bendy kick start lever to clear those pedals) and well padded bum-stop seat. Fast flashes of blue over white complete the look. 

A Trident is the marriage of a well tuned Triumph ‘gin, most typically in pre-unit spec, and the well handling Norton featherbed frame. Here’s a superb example fettled for the track. Wired fasteners an’ all. The seat is upholstered like a 50’s diner stool. And that big, big, big tank ideal for crouching over and laying chin on for the straights.


A couple of proud garage hands with #72. An OIF 650 (just like mine) straight through pipes will give this one a raucous sound and a bit more (Tri) oomph. Flat bars, low saddle for bobber stance, a and trimmed or omitted tins lighten the load.